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2 adet soğanı yemeklik kesin.5 adet domatesin kabuklarını soyun.Tencerenin zeminine soğanların birazını alın.

Malzemeler :
  • 1 kg.taze fasulye
    5 domates
    2 soğan
    3 diş sarımsak
    Toz şeker
Hazırlanışı :

2 adet soğanı yemeklik kesin.5 adet domatesin kabuklarını soyun.Tencerenin  zeminine soğanların birazını alın.Soğanların üzerine ayıklanmış bütün fasulyeli dizin.Fasulyelerin aralarına soğanları ilave edin.Fasulyelerin üzerine kalan soğanları ilave edin.Üzerine küp kesilmiş domatesleri ilave edin.

Üzerine tuz,toz şeker  ve zeytinyağı ilave edin.Üzerine su ilave edin.Üzerine bir adet tapak kaptın.Tencerenin kapağını kapatıp fasulyeleri pişirin.

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Zelda: MM remake + new gameHello, my name is Austin. I have been a Zelda fan since berofe I could even walk! I have been waiting for Nintendo to do remakes of these games since I was like 6. But you brought up some things that I had forgotten about entirely, by the time I had finished MM I had forgotten about why link left hyrule in the first place or about annoying Navi, I even forgot that MM was a Zelda game! It just felt so different from the rest of the games I was so used to.In regards to a remake of MM, now that I remember that stuff, I would totally want to see them gone through with Although, Nintendo Is probably going to take like a million signatures berofe they go through with this. I do believe that this is the kind of thing we need right now after skyward sword gave Zelda a more linear approach and got rid of the fun of traveling place to place on foot while exploring for treasures. I would love to see a remake of MM berofe a new game comes out and I do understand that it takes a lot of money to get a game remade the right way, so I have a feeling it s going to be a while berofe we see it. Cuz they just blew a lot of money on the Wii U and all those new games.Now onto the idea of another sequel. As stated berofe, I had forgotten about a lot of these details and I am very glad that you indirectly reminded me. I used to theorize about where link was headed after MM and what happened to him (although I wonder what happens to pretty much every link after the storyline.) and one of my theories was that link wandered into Termina via a portal and that Termina was an alternate universe (otherwise in the link dies timeline the moon would destroy the world.) and that when link goes back to hyrule he is still in the alternate universe version of it. Maybe when he found a way to get back to hyrule he could only go into the light as a wolf. (like link in TP.) hence his appearance when link see s him in the light world. Then when he gets link, he pulls him into the alternate universe where link can see his real form (which has been changed over time in the alternate universe.) although this is just a theory I would like to see it happen as a game.In conclusion, I think that you guys have the right idea about the new game and a remake of MM. I am totally going to join up and I think that this will be a very successful and helpful movement that is sure to get the job done, good luck and may you get what you want!
zhXWMeLNvTJf|24 Haziran 2013 Pazartesi Saat : 23:56
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