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Malzemeler :

2 kg. elma

1 su b. kuru üzüm

2 limon

2 kg. toz şeker

3 parça kabuk tarçın


Hazırlanışı :

2 kg.elmanın kabuklarını soyun.Elmaları  iri olarak küp kesin. Geniş bir tencereye elmalrı alın.Elmaların üzerine 2 kg.toz şeker ilave edin.Üzerine 3 parça kabuk tarçın ilave edin ve karıştırın.Üzerine 1 su bardağı kuru üzüm ilave edin.Elma reçelini kaynamaya bırakın.


Elma reçeli kaynadıktan sonra üzerine 2 adet limon suyu sıkın.Tekrar elma reçelini kaynamaya bırakın.Elma reçeli soğuduktan sonra kavanozlara boşaltın.

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elma receli tarifinizi denedim cok guzel oldu er oktay usta firsat buldukca izliyorum cok begeniyorum facebookta olmanizada cok sewvindim daha rahat takip edebiliyorum tesekkurle oktay usta basarilarinizin devamini dilerim
nebahat buyukkocabas|13 Haziran 2010 Pazar Saat : 03:29
AS|08 Aralık 2011 Perşembe Saat : 19:58
nar reçeli yapılmasını istiyorum..lutfenn.. tesekkurler...
betul yılmaz|06 Ocak 2012 Cuma Saat : 00:30
The remembrance sicreve on November 13th was very moving with contributions from three veterans from Askrigg; I found Peter's prayer so appropriate, mentioning as it did the effect of war and conflict on children and communities. The names of those who lost their lives, read out during the sicreve, make a shockingly long list from such a small community.
DVnvCTgs|07 Temmuz 2012 Cumartesi Saat : 07:39
Blogger is a pain. It LOSES my comments more times than it posts.I beielve that ALL western countries should be recording the ethnic origin of criminals, including rapists, and victims, as a matter of course. In that I include benefit claimants (jizzya claimants).The UK does record most but FAILS to record ethnic origin if the person was born here. The UK is better than most but classifies those born here as British when they clearly are not. Hell I am ALWAYS asked to choose white British . I am never asked to say indigenous British .It is my belief that this is opaque rather than transparent. Some countries (I think France is one) fail to record at all because of political correctness . It is high time that ALL countries start recording with total transparency. THAT would make all citizens wake up to what is happening. Of course the politicians wouldn't like that. Who the hell do THEY represent? Just themselves and the immigrants and Islam it seems.Am I racist? Well I wasn't but now I am and say so unashamedly. If I had my way I would repatriate all Pakistanis and Africans (well most) forthwith. Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs? Well I have no problem with them just seems to be ONE religion. Religion is not a race but one particular religion seems to be associated with certain races.Last night the much maligned BBC presented a programme examining the Pakistani support of the Taliban, and the Haqquanis, via the ISI and the Pakistani military. Worth a watch. It was BBC2 and can probably be found on BBC ( iplayer. I don't have the knowledge to post a link
UkSvtKglxVGUBqtB|18 Şubat 2013 Pazartesi Saat : 10:34
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