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Tavukları haşlayın. Tereyağını tencereye koyun. Sıvıyağı da dökün. Unu ilave edin ve 1 dakika kadar kavurun. Salçaları ilave edin.

Malzemeler :
  • Tavuklu Kesme Çorba
  • 1 Su B. Kesme Hamur
    1 Çay B. Mercimek
    2 Tavuk Baget
    1 Çorba K. Söke Un
    1 Çorba K. Domates Salçası
    1 Tatlı K. Biber Salçası
    1 Domates
    2 Biber
    Tavuk Suyu

Tavukları haşlayın. Tereyağını tencereye koyun. Sıvıyağı da dökün. Unu ilave edin ve 1 dakika kadar kavurun. Salçaları ilave edin. Önce soğuk suyu, ardından tavuk suyunu dökün. Haşlanmış mercimeği ve kesme hamurları ekleyin. Haşlanmış tavuğu didin ve çorbaya koyun. Domates ve biberi ince ince doğrayın ve en son olarak ilave edip pişmeye bırakın. Kıvamı koyulaşınca servis kasesine alın.

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Still no amount of words that you write will chgane the factthat Surya (y pronounced strongly BTW that’s how you pronounce it in Arabic not your your English Syria ,talk about knowing the natives and respect ha Cliff)You have further revealed your utter contempt for the suffering people of Syria by referring to them as the natives'.Disgusting.In any case, my original statement was that you did not correctly spell Syrian/Syria'. Syria is the correct spelling in English. You are typing in English. If you mean to now tell me you were spelling it phonetically, then you're even a bigger clown than I originally thought.Whatever floats your boat though. OlegR said:[...]get’s a tiny fraction of coverage in the liberal left blogospehre in comparison to I/P conflict while the body count there skyrockets.Phil Weiss and the MW community are not responsible for what you perceive to be a lack of coverage of the conflict in Syria within the Left-wing blogosphere. Phil has written about several different countries as you yourself have acknowledged. He has also written about Syria.And evidenced by your insulting comments and tone, you do not care about dead Syrians. You used them, to whitewash Israeli criminality.This is a common, cheap tactic that Zionists employ when they wish to divert attention away from the Israel-Palestine conflict.In any case, if you believe there is a lack of coverage on the Syrian conflict then by all means go make your own blog about the issue.You should not be part of the problem here on MW! I'm sure the Syrian-Americans reading MW, or the Syrians fortunate enough to catch some normalcy enough to be able to sit down and browse the web and view MW will be overjoyed that some random Zionist commentator is yapping about the lack of coverage of their struggle on a blog that well, has reported on their struggle (and others not exclusive to the I-P conflict).
CEepOeYjFQZNQesp|29 Mayıs 2012 Salı Saat : 20:35
Gee whiz, and I tohguht this would be hard to find out.
rcnAQIKlIqqQmUjMuE|08 Eylül 2012 Cumartesi Saat : 20:32
If you find a way to make a mantel, let me know. I have been dying to do one for my wood stove, but have never found any ideas. Only thing I can think of is puinttg one on the wall on each side of the pipes. Like a 2 foot one on the right and a two foot one on the left - almost like ledges. And maybe have them about three foot above the top of the stove (since it gets so hot).
NXsMngJfchYSSYG|23 Eylül 2012 Pazar Saat : 15:14
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