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Marulları elinizle iri şekilde parçalayın. Semizotunun yapraklarını da koyun. Çeri domatesleri ikiye kesin. Maydanozu, dereotunu ve fesleğeni büyükçe doğrayın.

Malzemeler :
  • Peynirli Yumurtalı Karışık Salata
  • 5 Minik Marul
    1 Demet Semizotu
    1 Kase Çeri Domates
    2 Yumurta
    50 Gr. Sepet Peynir
    Siyah Zeytin

Marulları elinizle iri şekilde parçalayın. Semizotunun yapraklarını da koyun. Çeri domatesleri ikiye kesin. Maydanozu, dereotunu ve fesleğeni büyükçe doğrayın. Yumurtaları haşlayın ve salatanın üzerine sarılarını rendeleyin. Peyniri rendeleyin. Limon suyunu sıkın. Zeytinyağını dökün. Hepsini karıştırarak servis edin.

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OlegR,This is an Israel-Palestine blog. Not a blog for every single coflnict on the planet.Go to Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch if you wish to see some coverage on every issue on the planet.Why don't you go to a blog about the rockets on S'Derot and post: Meanwhile at OccupyHoms. There are people who are passionate about animal rights or the environment.Will you lecture those people about Syria because they focus on the issues they find interesting rather than Syria?Phil cares about the issue of Syria and the brutality of the Syrian regime.As do many of us.YOU do not. You use the suffering of the Syrians to whitewash Israeli criminality. You use suffering ELSEWHERE to downplay suffering in Israel-Palestine.The Israel-Palestine coflnict is not the same kind of coflnict as that which rages on in Syria.The Israel-Palestine coflnict is a COLONIAL coflnict in which the indigenous Palestinian Arabs and Bedouins have been pacified (for the most part).Israeli criminality manifests in the daily, banal abuses that occur as a result of the institution of a 45+ year occupation and colonization. Israel does not have to kill at the same rate as X, Y and Z and kill count alone does not denote criminality.Stealing land and resources and water, and ethnically cleansing a people is a crime. A grave crime. All of the anti-Zionists, post-Zionists, etc. who comment here are not pro-Syrian regime.Your tactic of saying everyone sucks' is textbook hasbara and has been mocked so thoroughly that there is a flow-chart parody of your argumentation (and that of all Zionists).Take a look.The only valid comparison to make is that which compares the Israel-Palestine coflnict to other coflnicts of a similar nature and logistics.You could also compare the violence between the parties of this coflnict.So in that case, stop whining about rockets on S'Derot because the people of Gaza have suffered several several magnitudes above their Israeli counterparts (past, present, and future).
ZtlHcBYjIjYTCuL|30 Mayıs 2012 Çarşamba Saat : 14:40
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