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Kuzu etini biraz sıvıyağ ile kavuruyoruz. Soğanları koyup kavurmaya devam ediyoruz.

Malzemeler :

300 Gr. Kuzu Eti
4 Kereviz
1 Havuç
1 Diş Sarımsak
1 Kase Arpacık Soğan

Terbiyesi İçin:
1 Yumurta Sarısı
1 Limon
1 Çay K. Un

Hazırlanışı :

Kuzu etini biraz sıvıyağ ile kavuruyoruz. Soğanları koyup kavurmaya devam ediyoruz. Havuçları küp küp doğrayıp yemeğimize ilave ediyoruz. Sarımsağımızı rendeleyip ekliyoruz.


Üzerine etlerin üzerini geçecek kadar sıcak su koyuyoruz. Etlerimiz pişmeye başladıktan sonra küp küp doğrayıp limonlu suya koyduumuz kerevizlerimizide yemeğimize ilave ediyoruz ve pişirmeye devam ediyoruz. Yemeğin tuzunu ekliyoruz.

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Asma Assad talks very eloquently about Cast Lead. The eimgas running are from Homs though. I am using it to demonstrate a point about relative values of people.Yes, I know. You are citing the video because it contrasts Asma Assad's eloquent statement on the suffering people of Gaza during Cast Lead with eimgas of the current conflict in Syria. So in conclusion, you are calling her a hypocrite and by relation, your political opponents.Asma Assad speaks for herself. She does not speak for Mondoweiss. Certainly not for Phil Weiss who has written about the brutality of the Syrian regime in the past:So my original point still stands. You cite this video to undermine the legitimate focus on Israel for it's own criminal and immoral behavior.There are people who care deeply about animal rights or the environment. I expect you to remain consistent in your inconsistency and go chastise them for focusing on those issues rather than Darfur, Sudan, Syria, etc.You do not care about dead Syrians. Phil clearly does. He has written about it, even though his focus is the Jewish State, since he is Jewish, and America's eternal ally' (from the words of our various political representatives), since he is American.We as Americans should concern ourselves first and foremost with behavior we are responsible for. We as Americans should concern ourselves with Israel since our politicians tell us that Israel is our closest ally. We should concern ourselves with Israel since we send Israel billions in economic aide (among other things like total diplomatic immunity, military arsenal, etc. etc.).The United States is not propping up the Syrian regime. OlegR said:The blog headline saysThe War of Ideas in the Middle Eastit has a whole chapter dealing with Arab Spring, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and The war on Terror.No Syria yet (it's been almost a year) and almost no mention of it.So don't give me that.Phil has written about Syria and has written about all those countries listed. He has also written about Libya.We had another Zionist commentator here named, biorabbi', who kept spamming this blog with stories about the recent events in Libya. Most of the stories were simply the on-going death-count though.He spammed the blog w/ such stories for precisely the reason you linked that video and made your comment meanwhile in Homs'.Both you and biorabbi are only interested in dead Arabs outside of Israel-Palestine, insofar as they mitigate (in your minds) the criminality and immorality of the Israeli government/army/etc.If Phil has not updated the list of categories on the blog, it is not because he is ideologically opposed to doing so. You imply as much which is laughable and once again, more telling of YOUR ideological opposition to criticism of your own piety than of Phil Weiss's perceived pieties.OlegR said:He is awfully silent about it though as do many activists' in the liberal left. Did he open some emergency blog about Syria i am not aware of.At least you admit that you expect Phil to write about Syria if he also writes about Israel. This was my original point.You use the conflict in Syria as a smokescreen for Zionist criminality in Israel proper and in the Palestinian territories and all other related issues in the nexus of Zionism/Jewish identity/Israel and Palestine.Phil will write about what interests him. He does not have to be Amnesty International.He is a regular person like us. I remember an old debate where Noam Chomsky faced off against several Canadian journalists including a young David Frum.The initial line of questioning from Frum:David Frum using Chomsky's activism on the Palestinian issue as an example:Chomsky goes on to say, hey, listen, I'm not Amnesty International.'The same justification applies here. Phil Weiss and his team of journalists, as well as guest authors, have written about other issues on what is primarily an Israel-Palestine conflict centric blog.It is apparently not good enough for you that Phil Weiss and the MW team have written about the Arab Spring, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and the War on Terror.You would not be satisfied if Syria was added to that already long list. Just as the other Zionist commentator, biorabbi, was not satisfied that Phil did not add Libya' to said list.It just so happens that Phil has written about both subjects. So you are absolutely false.OlegR said:You really don't know me Cliff so don't assume what i care or care not about , thank you.This elsewhere is awfully close to our borders.Are you aware there have been talks in about establishing refugee camps to Syrian'sshould there be a mass flee towards our borders what to do with these refugeeshow to feed them where to put them.
gipKXjbCS|17 Nisan 2012 Salı Saat : 16:11
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