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Karıştırma kabının içinde yumurta ve şekeri mikser ile çırpıyoruz.

Malzemeler :

Sıcak Salepli Tarçınlı Kek
3 Yumurta
1 Su B. Süt
1 Su B. Sıvıyağ
1,5 Su B. Toz Şeker
1 Pk. Kabartma Tozu
1 Çay B. Damla Çikolata
1 Çorba K. Tarçın
1 Su B. Fındık
Ustasından Un Ölçüsü
Üzeri İçin:
1,5 Su B. Süt
1 Çorba K. Salep
2 Çorba K. Toz Şeker

Karıştırma kabının içinde yumurta ve şekeri mikser ile çırpıyoruz. Sırasıyla sıvıyağ, süt, vanilya, kabartma tozu , 8 çorba kaşığı tepeleme un, fındık ve damla çikolatayı koyup tahta kaşıkla karıştırıyoruz.

Yağlanmış kek kalıbına karışımımızı döküyoruz. Önceden ısıtılmış 180 derece fırında kekimizi pişiriyoruz. Kekimiz fırından çıktıktan sonra ılımaya bırakıyoruz.

Üzeri için bir tavada süt, şeker ve 1 çorba kaşığı silkme salepi karıştırıp pişiriyoruz. Ilıyan kekimizin üzerine salepli sosu döküp servis ediyoruz.
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ben kek tarifi göndermek istiyorum oktay usta fırına ihtiyarcım var cok bana yardım edın
elif aydoğan|26 Nisan 2011 Salı Saat : 17:32
Ellerinize saglik, rihaka gorunuyorlar. Cok hos bir fikir, ayrica sunum olarak da cok estetik.Sevgilerimle.Sitemde bir hediye cekilisim var, katilmak isterseniz beklerim.
yiFWhTYOKQAZO|09 Mart 2012 Cuma Saat : 01:17
I thought a lot about the cmonemts that started with the Vatican, but were about the institution. It is quite PC (and why not?) to ridicule and smear the Catholic Church and those who might identify with the institution. Let's not get off topic and get into everyone's favorite the ole' Catholic bashing/ridiculing. The institution of the Church is not Catholicism. And like all institutions and states, as a whole, will do some awful things in the name of whatever .to survive. Maybe the worst thing that happened to Christianity/Catholicism is when Diocletian stopped is slaughter of Christians, and Constantine adopted it for political power. The church then became quickly institutionalized. So, how different is the institution of Penn State University than that of the Church? Some misguided people made some bad decisions, inhumane decisions to try and protect an institution. That is wrong, even evil and should be punished.But shall we condemn all students, researchers, etc., associated with Penn State University. Shall we dismiss all good the institution has done?As for the Inquisition. That was when the Spanish Throne and the Church (with rumblings of the reformation on the way) together went into a state of paranoia. And with the combination of the State and the Church under threat, the lapsed Catholics were under question, then that moved to the Conversos, then the Muslims most of whom were harassed, abused, tortured, murdered or sent away, spelling the end of Islamic influence and culture in Spain. And then finally the Jews knew they could not escape the spreading insanity in spite of fact that as a group, they held the highest social/cultural positions in Spain. Before their terrible and traumatic misfortune of expulsion, Issac Abrabanel who was the right hand to Ferdinand and Isabella asked for right of departure and safe passage. This was given, even by a papal bull. Issac requested and was granted that it would fall onto the ninth of the month of Ab of the Judaic calendar to correspond with the date of the destruction of the temple. Why?There was this apocalyptic fear movement going on in Europe at that time (another reason for the Inquisition) and Abrabanel belonged to the apologetically minded and into END OF TIMES drama meisters. (He wrote Deliverance of the Anointed One and held himself out as a leader of the messianic movement that was to follow. So making sure that Fred and Liz kicked them out on exactly the right date, would serve the bigger purpose in his mind of bringing all Jews together under the Messiah, which was supposed to happen on 1503. Sorry I digressed. But the inquisition is so often cited and used for narratives, but so little is really known about it.Back to Catholic bashing. So London Bridge was adorned with Catholic Heads on both sides to remind all that the Church was no longer, and forever banned. This was political.But fed the wonderful tradition of Catholic mistrust and bashing to this day in much of Europe and North America. Remember the Know Nothing Party? Remember the murders of priests in Alabama and New England. Remember the burning of an Ursuline orphanage in NY? These things did not happen really all that too long ago. I have childhood memories of destruction and burning of a Catholic church where we briefly lived as a child. It is easy to make fun of the visual and symbolic traditions, pomp and prayer. But do not know if the Church as an institution well over 2000 years old has any more dirt in its history than any other state/institution?
khQlOTlAXut|30 Mayıs 2012 Çarşamba Saat : 05:19
Lynne - It was a lovely way to spend a few hours at the end of a pefcret fall afternoon Sue. Your studio space is warm and inviting just like the rest of your surroundings. I enjoyed my time there and look forward to coming back and sit by your outdoor fireplace.Stella smells like she's wearing eau de firewood smoke perfume today. Comes with the territory I guess when you're so low to the ground :0)2 paws up to Kellie, Julie, Jocelyne and you of course for sharing your artistic but entrepeneurial spirit and a round of applause to Adam, Abby & Anna for sharing host & hostess duties.Congratulations on a job well done!Lynne, Nicole, Stella & Tarzan
IAYVNnFPwKF|23 Eylül 2012 Pazar Saat : 23:26
Your's is a point of view where real intelligence snhies through.
BXLSCZNaAyuZoY|18 Şubat 2013 Pazartesi Saat : 05:09
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