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Oktay Usta ile sanatçı Bülent Serttaş'ın birbirinden ilginç maceralarına tanık olacaksınız.
Bülent Serttaş'ın konuk olduğu Yeşil Elma programına komik klipler renk kattı.

Ekranların sevilen aşçısı Oktay Usta ile sanatçı Bülent Serttaş'ın birbirinden ilginç maceralarına tanık olacaksınız. Yayınlanan kjliplerde ilk olarak, sokakta mısır satmaya başlayan Oktay Usta ve Bülent Serttaş, çocukların yoğun talebine karşılık daha fazla dayanamayınca, tezgahı olduğu gibi bırakıp kaçıyorlar. Daha sonra halı sahaya yolları düşen ikili, çocuklarla birlikte kıran kırana maç yapıyorlar. Keyifli birfutbolmücadelesinden sonra soluğu masa tenisinde alan ikilinin görülmeye değer mücadelesi keyifli anlara sahne oluyor...

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Oktay Usta Yemek Tarifleri
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Whoa Brent---a beauty wack to the groin of Prairie Kid--that`s gotta leave a mark.By the way Prairie Kid , I have been a Progressive Conservative my whole life & voted for this party for over 3 dedcaes--the income trust lie was the biggest lie ever perpetrated by any democratic government in history.I could not care one fig as to what the Liberals have ever done---that does not concern me in the least.It is the loss of integrity of my once great party that has me concerned & reaching to the Liberals for help.Harper stood there over & over again telling us unsuspecting folks that he would NEVER tax income trusts---not just once , but several times.Now this was a great vote getter , no doubt about it.If getting votes was the only reason for the promise , then mission accomplished.He got himself elected on the backs of several hundred thousand innocent victims of a hollow promise made by the man we elected as Prime Minister.Sure makes me proud to be a Conservative Prairie Kid---I hope you can hold your eyes to mine & tell me that the Tax fairness Plan was necessary --showing me what was on the 18 blacked out pages will be a nice start.Dr mike Popovich--former life-long Conservative.
KmIsmGivLzYfiBPY|30 Mayıs 2012 Çarşamba Saat : 04:44
Is the war on supplements and nautarl remedies justifiable?How dangerous are supplements and nautarl remedies that has the FDA declaring war on your right to purchase nautarl alternatives? A recent report in the journal Clinical Toxicology shows that there was not one death caused by any vitamin including A, B, C, D or E supplements in 2008. Not one.What’s more, there wasn’t one death caused by amino acids, herbals, homeopathics, or mineral supplements.Not a single man, woman, or child died from nutritional supplements. Yet nearly 125,000 people die each year from FDA-approved prescription drugs. That’s twice the number of casualties we suffered during the Vietnam War.That’s a tragedy. And it’s a war that is happening every year.In addition, prescription drugs cause 2.2 million adverse reactions each year.That’s not all.Nearly five percent of all hospital admissions – more than 1 million per year – are due to drug side effects.What’s worse, the FDA and corporate America have a history of suppressing safe alternatives that work. CoQ10 is a good example of this.Back in 1990, Merck knew that statins deplete CoQ10. They knew that this could contribute to heart disease. In that year, Merck was granted a patent by the FDA for Mevacor and other statin drugs containing CoQ10.These statin drugs with CoQ10 help prevent congestive heart failure. However, Merck has not brought these drugs to market. Nor have they educated physicians on the importance of supplementing CoQ10 to offset the dangers of these drugs.They patented it and let it sit there simply to keep it off the market.But because they hold the patent, other drug companies are prevented from coming out with a statin/CoQ10 product that could save lives. The bottom line of this article is, that you need to stay informed and not be misled by those who don’t have your best health interests at heart."No one under 80 should get heart disease, and if you have enough vitaminsand no genetic defects you can stop a cancer cell from ever forming."Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D. Schardt, David. “Are Your Supplements Safe?” Nutrition Action Healthletter 2003; 30(9): 3-7.
WclPgSHpKRt|30 Mayıs 2012 Çarşamba Saat : 11:39
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