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Kadayıf temelde un, süt, yumurta, yağ, tuz, şeker, karbonattan ibarettir.
Yoğurt Nedir
Kadayıf temelde un, süt, yumurta, yağ, tuz, şeker, karbonattan ibarettir.
Kadayıf Nedir?

Hakkında; Kadayıfın hamur terkibi de çok ince bir formül içermiyordur. Un, süt, yumurta, yağ, tuz, şeker, karbonattan ibarettir. Unun kadayıflık olanı vardır.

Temelde o kullanılacaktır. Ama içine biraz baklavalık böreklik ve belki biraz da 5. tip kepekli karıştırılıyor olabilir.

Kadayıflı Yemek Tarifleri
Etiketler: tikla, ögren, kazan

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Oktay Usta Yemek Tarifleri
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Nickyoure absolutely cocrret. He has suffered through a decade of crappy teams and never, other than when Walker was around, had much talent around him (no FAs, poor drafts, etc.). He truly is a great Celtic and its too bad the injuries to KG, Perk, and now Rondo may have cost him 3 more rings (at least one last yr when Perk went down). It reminds me of the Len Bias loss and then Reggie Lewis loss and I just hope the Cs never go through such a long period of time being nothing more than mediocre. I grew up with 7 straight titles vs the Lakers and while thats never going to happen again, seeing them go far in the playoffs is almost a must for me. Ergo my disappointment that injuries have cost so much these last 3 yrs. Go Cs
sITJzPAUIFWmG|24 Eylül 2012 Pazartesi Saat : 00:01
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