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Tencereye tereyağı konur.Eriyince rendelenmiş havuçlar ilave edilerek bir iki dakika sotelenir

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    • 4 havuç
    • 2 çorba k. pirinç
    • 1 çorba k. un
    • 1 su b. süt

     1 çorba k. tereyağı

    • etsuyu
    • 2 yumurta sarısı
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Tencereye tereyağı konur.Eriyince rendelenmiş havuçlar ilave edilerek bir iki dakika sotelenir.Üzerine etsuyu ilave edilip kaynamaya bırakılır. Diğer tarafta bir kasede süt,yumurta  ve un çırpılır.

Kaynayan karışıma kesilmeden yavaş yayaş ilave edilir. Tuzu ayarlanıp servis yapılır. Çok pratik,besleyici bir o kadar da lezzetli..Tam iftara göre.. 

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çok güzel olacağına emini bu nedenle tarifini alıyordum fakat birşey aklıma takıldı.tarifte pirinç var hazırlanışında nerde kullanıldığı yazılmamış.aydınlatırsanız sevinirim.
feyza saltoğlu aktaş|23 Temmuz 2008 Çarşamba Saat : 12:39
kesinlikle çok güzel bi çorba...ellerinize aklınıza sağlıkk....
duygu günay|02 Ocak 2009 Cuma Saat : 01:34
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JqerOPmY|24 Haziran 2013 Pazartesi Saat : 17:37
Please, have patience on what I am about to say: It makes more sense to amsuse that the reason why Link went in search of a "lost friend" was to look for someone who #1) was present, or he met (repeatedly) in the same general area (the forest, aka Lost Woods), and #2) someone who played a better role of a "friend", not just an ally or aid in his quest. There are only two main characters in OOT that would qualify under this assumption: the skull kid, and Saria. Navi's purpose was more of an aid to link in his quest, nothing more, nothing less, and through OOT she never gave any reason to believe that she would dwell in the Losts Woods after she banishes. Her role was always militant in nature, sent by the Deku Tree to complete a very specific goal, and later banish. Thus, I really do think that Navi is not the "lost firend" that Link is looking for. Which leaves us with the only two other potentials. The skull kid was a secondary character who dwelled in the Lost Woods, he also aided Link in his quest, although in a less personalized way. By this i mean that the character never truly formed a special bond of friendship per-se with Link. Thus, I dont think there is significant evidence that would make anyone think that the Skull Kid is Link's "lost friend," specially when against him we can pose another character that more clearly represented a true friendship with Link. At the outset of the game, during the brief look at Link's innocent childhood before his quest, there is a character who, in all the common sense of the word, appeared to be Link's friend. She was initially introduced as a friend (or girlfriend, some would say), she acted and treated him like one; i.e the relationship was very similar to any real world relationship of friendship that one might have. Of course, I am talking about Saria. Yet, when Link is about to leave for his quest, Saria is the one who meets him for the first time in that little space of the Lost woods right before he entered through the tunnel in his way towards Hyrule Field. She showed concern, emotion, care; all characteristics that a friend might show to another. She even gave him his very first ocarina, the Fairy Ocarina, thus one could also confidently say that she obviously aided Link in his mission aswell. Later in his quest, Links comes back to search for her in the Lost Woods, her melody served as a guide to him, a melody that she played with her own Fairy Ocarina, this is obviously the instrument that allowed link to find her. Without it, one could say that it would be impossible to find Saria, and since its so easy to get lost in the "Lost Woods" (by definition, and as we've seen in OOT) whoever might be searching for her again will probably end up lost within it. So, with all that I've said here, it is my strong conviction that Saria is that one true friend that Link is in search of in MM. Her friend, who dwelled in the Lost Woods. Furthermore it is my own theory that Link got lost because, for some reason, Saria's melody was no longer playing. He had no guidance in the lost woods and through it he ended up in Termina, with the side story of the Skull Kid becoming a full blown story in its own. What exactly happened to Saria I do not know, but I suspect it would have to do with the Fairy Ocarina. The Fairy Ocarina was the first instrument used in OOT, the instrument that Link used as a child, that was later superseded by the Ocarina of Time in his adult quest. The Ocarina of Time served its purpose, we saw its story play out in the events of OOT, yet the Fairy Ocarina was never fully explored, or explained, even though it clearly had powers of its own. Therefore, I support the author's proposition of having a sequel to MM, but it would have to be a sequel that will get back to where we left of in the first place, a sequel that will explain what happened with Link's lost friend, a sequel that will dwell into the mythology of the kokiri, their fairies, and the Fairy Ocarina itself. This, i think, its the true mystery that was left unsolved in the hero of time storyline, a mystery that would make for a hell of an epic The Legend of Zelda game. If you have read this, thank you, and thank you for your patience. Feedback is appreciated. My email is:
TnxigAFhgZnniFnrwp|25 Haziran 2013 Salı Saat : 05:06

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